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December 11, 2009
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Gypsy Firefly by Foxfires Gypsy Firefly by Foxfires
© Aimee Stewart, Foxfires - please see my CC Terms of Use… before considering using this image for any personal or commercial use.
This image is for sale as prints and cards!…

Come see my continuation of this piece here!

WOW!!! You guys have catapulted this image into the #1 spot of my alltime best images here on dA! I had no idea it would be that popular. Thank you!!! I'm sorry I can't get back to each and every one of you, but know that I am SO grateful! Thank you!!!!

I will cry soft silver tears with the rain
Burn with the bursting heat of sun
Long with the pull of the moon
Roll with the tides
And shine with the stars....
© Jane Solomon 2009


Long ago, in a dA galaxy far far away, one of my fledgling photomanipulations was of this very pose by Elandria, on a gypsy wagon. I decided to revisit the image, and make it what I originally intended, but didn't have the skills for back then. :) So, this one's for you, Elandria-girl! You are a force of nature, and then some!
Here is a link to the original. I deleted it long ago from my account, but you can still see it at :icondesigningdivas:§ion=&q=where+spring+waits#/deyggf


Model: :iconelandria:… :heart:

Brushes: Brushes: :iconanodyne-stock:…

Purchased stock, and private photos - links upon request.
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lycanthusincarnum Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*sigh* I would love to live in a Vardo.....
NoctisUmbra Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Featured your incredible work here:…
I would be interested in where the wagon came from or how it was originally rendered for use in this composition.

J.C. Hendee
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